A Love Letter to SCRAM in 10 Theses

Hang-based pedagogy is:
  1. a navigational mode. It is wayfinding through the outdated wardrobes of institutional otherness into the academic outfits of collective dreams.
  2. an antidote to institutional diversity. It emerges from the belief that equity work is, and should be, colonizer work and is therefore irrelevant to the tasks at hand.
  3. enthusiastic consent to the conditions that create possibility, especially when those conditions require showing up looking thirteen kinds of raggedy brilliant, which is itself a form of accountability.
  4. liberation adjacent. Capitalist neoliberal academic systems can, sometimes, reflect the shine, but can never absorb it.
  5. radically vulnerable. It is kinship, not network. It is not an alternative to settler heteropatriarchy and institutionalized ablism because it is not subject to the harsh white light of pathologized departmental examination. It is fundable, but only when it demands funding.
  6. a redistribution of clock time, because to hang is to suspend time. It is dropping the conversation thread to go find the one who’s not here yet. It is multiple platforms conveying feelings when one time just won’t do.
  7. practice, practice, practice. Also, location, location, location.
  8. transformative listening. It is holding your head at an angle like this ‘/’ when someone tells a story about some foolishness that went down and now everyone has a ‘wait, what?’ to bring to their next administrative meeting of academic tricksery.
  9. super queer.
  10. The brainchild of feminist technological interventions ON ITSELF.